Infinity Blade II Hits The App Store



After what seemed like an endless wait, Infinity Blade II is almost here! The follow-up to Epic and Chair Entertainment’s elegiac App Store masterpiece has just hit the App Store in New Zealand, and will creep out slowly around the globe from there, hitting the US App Store at 11pm ET tonight.

We’ll have a review in the next couple of days, but so far, early reviews suggest it’s even better than the first one. We can’t wait to give it a spin.

When it is released, you should be able to find Infinity Blade II at this link for just $9.99.

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  • khanlala

    download it for free ios users only

  • Brynley McDonald

    Oh the joy of being a kiwi, we’re running 18 hours ahead of you all! :D

  • Mario Montgomery

    It seems IB2 is out now in the US. I’m currently downloading it. Also, it only cost $6.99.

  • ElVox

    Downloading in .mx right now, 84 pesos…about 6.99USdlls….yay!