Gameloft Releases New Trailer For Wild West Adventure Six Guns For iOS [Video]



Gameloft is famous for producing terrific iOS games that are inspired by hit releases on consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its upcoming release, Six Guns, will appeal to those who are fans of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption.This trailer shows off the wild west gun slinger in all its glory, and it looks pretty darn awesome.


Like many of Gameloft’s titles, the visuals look pretty impressive, and so does the gameplay — with plenty of rifle toting action sure to warm the hearts of fans of the genre.

What’s more, the trailer claims that Six Guns will be “free to play,” which indicates that Gameloft will once again employ the “freemium” model for its latest release. A model which could make or break the title for some gamers.

Do you think Six Guns looks like another successful Gameloft release?

[via Touch Arcade]

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  • Jonathan Ober

    So they might be cashing in on one of the best games last year with Red Dead Redemption. But unless the open world is even half as big and there are a ton of side quest and hunting it’s Western theme is about the only thing it will share with it. Looks good though. I will watch this on App Shopper and get it when it’s cheap.

  • GregsTechBlog

    I think most of the Gameloft games actually are lacking a bit in the visuals department. The big reason being, many are ported to Android, and not all Android phones could run the kind of graphics we see in games like Infinity Blade, Rage HD, Real Racing, etc. 

  • Alex Clark

    I completely agree. I actually thought maybe there was something wrong with me (maybe my expectations were set too high). Everyone says the graphics look amazing but I always thought all the Gameloft games, to me, look extremely blocky. Like something I would expect from a N64.