The Dev Team Has Found An “Extremely Promising” iPhone 4S Unlock [Jailbreak]

The Dev Team Has Found An “Extremely Promising” iPhone 4S Unlock [Jailbreak]

Cyber Monday is here, and along with it, MuscleNerd — only one of the very jammingest of console cowboys in cyberspace — has given iPhone 4S owners a nice little gift of hope: word that an iPhone 4S unlock is on the way.

Although the exploit will have to wait until the iPhone 4S jailbreak is delivered (which could be a while), MuscleNerd says the unlock exploit is very promising.

Even weirder? It only works on the iPhone 4S… not the iPhone 4. That means Apple made a rare boner when it came to designing the 4S, opening up a new baseband exploit that wasn’t there before.

For most of us, an iPhone 4S unlock is only technically interesting, but if you travel internationally a lot and don’t want to pay ridiculous international roaming fees, or just love to drive your Porsche of an iPhone at 5MPH on T-Mobile’s EDGE network speeds, an unlock is coming. Now when?

[via MuscleNerd]

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