Apple Finally Allows You To Swipe Through Pages In The iPad’s App Store



Apple has made a subtle change to its App Store app for the iPad today, but subtle though it may be, it makes navigating the store a much nicer, and much faster, experience.

The company has done away with the arrows that were previously used for navigating between a number of pages, allowing you instead to swipe through them — a much more fitting way of navigating through an iOS app.

The change is most apparent when viewing the ‘New and Noteworthy’ and ‘Staff Favorites’ sections, and when making a search that returns a large number of results. You can also find it when viewing apps by release date.

Again, it’s a very minor change, but one that makes viewing a number of pages a great deal faster. For anyone who’s had to use those arrows, they’ll appreciate how much of a difference this subtle tweak will make.

As things currently stand, those horrible arrow buttons are still present in the ‘Purchased’ section of the iPad App Store, but we’re expecting them to disappear very soon.

[via MacStories]

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  • etmedic

    Great but why Apple didn’t extended the swipe through to the search… because we still have to click when we searching?

  • gareth edwards

    Huzzah! I was wondering about this last night in bed, why the navigation was such an arse.

  • volodoscope

    That’s good. So happy for HTML5 and CSS3 being used. Apple had hard time extending the user experience of iOS to iTunes Store and App Store because those are HTML web-pages and not a stand-alone directory. Now that touch gestures came to HTML5 and CSS3, Apple can match that experience and update it without a need for iOS update.

  • Xorlathor

    When is this coming for the iPhone/iPod touch?

  • Doug Bursnall