Jawbone Launches The UP Wristband To Help You Keep Track Of Your Fitness



Jawbone has released the UP wristband and iOS app to help you keep track of your physical activity, sleep patterns, and exercise schedule. The wristband serves as a lightweight monitor that’s to be worn at all times, while the iPhone app is used to offload data and show recorded activity along with other details, such as running routes and sleep pattern graphs.

Priced at $99, the UP aims to revolutionize healthy living in the digital age. The Jawbone UP iPhone app is available for free in the App Store.

The UP tracks your precise movements throughout the day and gives you detailed reports on your steps, pace, calories burned, etc. The wristband’s built-in sensor technology monitors not only your physical activity during the day, but also your sleep patterns. Once the UP’s data has been transferred to the iPhone app, you are given graphs of your sleeping habits and overall sleep quality.

Waking up at the right time in your sleep cycle is important for a healthy lifestyle, and the UP gives you recommendations and morning alarm adjustments to help you get the optimal amount of sleep each night. The wristband’s internal vibrating-motor can gently wake you up in the morning. If you set your alarm for 7:30 AM, the UP will determine the best time to wake you up between 7:00 and 7:30 to match your sleep cycle.

If you’re not too keen on the idea of wearing a waterproof wristband all day, Jawbone says that the UP is made of a “spring steel frame encased in durable, sweat-proof, water-resistant, hypoallergenic rubber” that’s supposed to be pretty comfortable. The wristband needs to be worn 24/7 if possible, but Jawbone recommends not going swimming with the UP, as it’s only waterproof up to one meter underwater. That’s a huge bummer for swimmers interested in the UP.

GPS sensors allow the UP to track your running routes and show you other UP users’ routes on a map. “Challenges” are offered as health goals to complete, such as climbing a certain amount of steps or running a certain distance.

Your eating habits can also be tracked with the UP, and you can use the camera on your iPhone to take pictures of your meals for a photo journal that prompts you to write down how each meal makes you feel. All of this is meant to help you live the healthiest life possible.

The UP wristband lasts 10 days on a two hour charge, and the band connects with the iPhone or iPad via the headphone jack, not Bluetooth pairing.


Jawbone’s latest creation goes on sale for $99.99 in the US this Sunday at the Apple Store, AT&T, Best Buy, and Target. The UK will get the UP on November 17th for £79.99. Preorders can also be placed on the Jawbone website.


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  • WPHead

    Want one! Although I don’t think I’d stretch in the middle of the hallway at the office lol

  • MacHead84

    Price needs to drop about 60 bucks. 100 is a little high for a wristband no matter the functionality….but I still want one!

  • Yake12

    wait, you need to plug it into your phone every time you want to get any data for the day? and if you are supposed to wear it 24 hours a day, when do you charge it? i don’t feel like sitting around for 2 hours while it charges (especially since the point is to make you move). seems like a good idea, just needs some major readjustments!

  • Timothy Williamson

    It doesn’t have a GPS sensor, you start the GPS tracker within the app, then when you sync the UP it combines the GPS data with the step data.

    Also, it only takes 30 mins to charge and holds a 10 day charge and can hold 30 days worth of data before needing to sync.

    Seems kind of neat, but I haven’t seen anything that says it monitors your heart beart.

  • Cmommahayes

    Can anyone say George Orwell?

  • Dylan

    Already for sale at the Apple store, Altamonte Srings Mall in Orlando, FL. They only had a few black ones in size medium. Need a large had to preorder from the website.

  • A_N_Other

    And I’d wear longer pants.

  • Daibidh

    *raises eyebrow*  

    Um, having gone through the little information they have available on their website, I’d really be surprised if this product meets consumer expectation.  Photo journaling food?  Advanced motion algorithms to determine sleep depth?  While this may provide SOME information, it’s probably not going to achieve the level of accuracy or detail one might wish.

  • Marco

    a bit deceptive that the video shows someone wearing it in a swimming pool considering they don’t advise you do that.

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  • Brake23

    This technology is not new. The Body Bug armband, now called BodyMedia, has been around for years, and is clinically accurate. Now I don’t know if this technology is just a cheap rip off of the armband. The armband doesn’t do “depth of sleep”, but its not completely unbelievable that the technology has developed some since it was released over 4 years ago. Then again, this device doesn’t seem to claim clinical accuracy either.

  • Brake23

    If its like the BodyMedia armbands, you just trickle charge it whenever you upload  your data. If you do this everyday, which is the most useful to track your activity, the battery never really goes below 90%, so it charges within a couple minutes. I find it convenient to charge when I’m in the shower.  This is not new technology, just convenient that you can plug it into a phone or ipad instead of a computer.

  • Tina Williamson

    Once they make it completely waterproof, so you can swim with it, I’ll buy one!