Get Halfbrick Studios’ Jetpack Joyride For Free By Liking Apple’s App Store On Facebook



Holy cow, this is an awesome deal. The latest game from Halfbrick Studios — the guys behind Fruit Ninja — is called Jetpack Joyride, and between me and my girlfriend, I’ve probably put more time into it in the last couple of weeks than I did into my senior year thesis.

It usually costs ninety-nine cents, but Halfbrick Studios has teamed up with Apple to offer Jetpack Joyride for free to people who sign up for the official Apple App Store Facebook page.

That’s a heck of a deal. Too bad I already own Jetpack Joyride! Let’s hope the next freebie is this good.

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  • MacHead84


  • d_n

    This clip comes to mind…

  • Daniel Ploeger ?

    How do I get it then, after liking the App Store?

    Nevermind, I already found it.

    For people who aren’t that visibly capable like me: click ‘Free App Offer’ in the left-hand collumn.

  • CaNe2o1

    Yea! Thanks for the tip!

  • Chris

    not available in germany :/

  • Daniel Ploeger ?

    In The Netherlands, it is. Try again?

  • Elguapo5

    So once we “like” the app store, does anyone know how to get the redemption code?

  • klinic

    Not available in Australia either. :/