Peek-a-Boo: Racy iPhone Apps OK’d By Apple Abound on iTunes


Hottie Show is one of dozens of 17+ apps available for the iPhone.

If Apple is to be believed, the iTunes App Store is a smut-free zone. App developers, however, are treading a fine bikini line between nudity and prudery, offering dozens of apps with racy, soft-core content, ranging from “Bikini Inspector” to “Peekababe,” where a nipple covered in wet gauze or a woman clothed only in hot-pink mesh is considered clothed enough by Apple standards.

When Steve Jobs introduced the App Store on June 9, 2008, porn was at the top of the list of content that would not be allowed in apps.

“There are going to be some apps that we’re not going to distribute,” Jobs said. “Porn, malicious apps, apps that invade your privacy.”

Apple has taken steps to enforce Jobs’s pledge. In  late June, Apple shuttered the Hottest Girls app which featured 2,000+ pictures of naked girls. A week later, the company nuked another app, BeautyMeter, which showcased pictures uploaded by users, some of them clearly underage. “Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content, such as pornography,” reiterated Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr in late June after the company removed Hottest Girls.

So you might think iTunes offers nothing in the way of salacious eye candy.

Hardly. The iTunes store affords many ways to find a locked bathroom interesting for 10 minutes, in a range of tastes.

Click through the gallery below for some of the smutty apps we found in the App Store. If we missed some, please add them the comments.

Most of the apps are found in the “Lifestyle” and “Entertainment” sections. Some are tucked away in the “Photography” category. Some masquerade as games (Crazy Eights with the Hooters girls, anyone?) but the intent is clear.

Some, but not all, bear the 17+ rating for “frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes” and or “infrequent/mild sexual content or nudity.”

None, however, feature nudity. This is the line Apple will not cross. But the boundary is constantly being pushed by app sellers. Sometimes, it looks like developers may have replaced topless pics to avoid Apple censorship. More frequently however, users often complain in ratings about peek-a-boo nudity — apps that promised topless but didn’t deliver.

And surprisingly, given Apple’s stance, there are a couple of apps very similar to BeautyMeter, which allows users to upload their own pictures, making it very difficult to police for “inappropriate content.” Pretty Map, for example, is another social networking app with “beautiful girls” to view and rate. But although we downloaded Pretty Map expecting to get some smut, the buggy app didn’t come through.

Amateur Bikini


The Amateur Bikini app is billed by publisher McApps as “the closest you can get to porn on the iTunes store.” If so, the picture above is the closest thing you can get to porn. The developer says the app is aimed at fans of bikinis and lingerie who like to see hot babes “dressed in bikinis.” $0.99.

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