Is Finally Available For iPad



Ever since it first landed in 2010, iPad users have been clamoring for a native port of the great app, which allows people who use Intuit’s great personal finance tracking service to watch their spending and savings on the go.’s website worked, but just barely: it was really designed with a desktop experience in mind.

Well, the wait’s finally over. has just been updated to a universal app, and the iPad version is just a gorgeous piece of work.

With a wealth of interactivity, reporting and drill down options, for iPad is a fantastic way to get a handle on you bank, credit card, investment and loan transactions.

It’s a beautiful app, too: I’ve never been so charmed by the overhead vista of my scorch-earthed personal finance situation.

Features will allow the user to:

• Organize all accounts: One tap delivers a complete overview of finances, all in one place.

• Get personalized updates: New streaming delivery of account alerts, bill reminders and personalized advice helps people make smart financial decisions.

• Obtain financial insight: Pinch, tap and flick through graphs to drill into spending by category, merchant or budget.

• Sync multiple devices: Changes to one platform – on the Web browser, Mac, iPad, iPod

• Touch and smartphone, either iPhone or Android, automatically sync on all devices.

• Track cash spending: The app’s geo-location capabilities help people cleanly and immediately categorize cash spending, so no spending goes unaccounted for in people’s budgets.

• Review finances anywhere: No Internet? No problem. Storing data from the latest download allows easier viewing of finances, anytime, anywhere.

The app can be downloaded for free here.

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  • Connor Mulcahey

    That’s the Retina iPhone Simulator in the picture, not an iPad

  • Airdrawn78

    Unfortunately doesn’t appear to be available in the Australian App Store.