Audio Technica Unveils In-Ear Bluetooth, Budget Earphones

Audio Technica Unveils In-Ear Bluetooth, Budget Earphones
Boy, those blue-shirted Apple employees must be going nuts just trying to keep up with all the different in-ear headphones out there. Still, can’t hurt to have a few more at the party — especially if they’re from a manufactrer with a rep for awesome bang-for-buck.

The ATH-BT03 (pictured above) is going to grab all the attention. It’s an $80 wireless Bluetooth headset that does the whole phone and music thing and looks wicked small.

Audio Technica’s other anouncement yesterday, the less flashy ATH-CK400i (jeez, their marketers must have attended the same fun product-naming class the marketing peeps at Sony did) is simply an in-ear set with an inline controls and a mic — but it’s priced at a measly $60.

  • JoshObra

    Hmm… I’d probably pass on these because it’s technically still wired IMO. Because where am I going to put the other end of these headphones? Maybe the same pocket as my iPhone.

    I might be a little too skeptical here..

  • Jamie Burns

    Skeptical? no. I don’t think so. How hard can it be to develop truly in-ear bluetooth headphones? I want to the cord cut.

  • Joeym90

    Apple employees don’t actually have to know about every pair of headphones on that wall. They just have to know how to read the box..

  • JoshObra

    Well, I don’t know what you mean there, but I was thinking of something like the Jaybird JF3 or Motorla S305

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