Punch In on Your iPad, Track All Time Spent Working [Daily Freebie]

Punch In on Your iPad, Track All Time Spent Working [Daily Freebie]

Most of us work, right? Because Apple makes great stuff, but most of it isn’t free. Which means you need money, and that means you’ll need to get paid for your time. That’s where HoursTracker Lite, and its iPad equivalent, HoursTracker HD Lite, come in handy.

It does everything you need when you’re on the clock: easily punch in/out, track different types of jobs, total time worked by job description or time period (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). You can even alter times or enter time after the fact. it’s a well-designed, feature-packed app that’s easy to use, and a must for freelancers, or anyone who wasn’t graced with a hefty trust fund, really.

The newest update brought cloud syncing, so you can back up data and sync between your iDevices. If you want to get more detailed, with estimations of the money you’re earning, a few bucks’ll get you the ad-free regular versions with a whole host of features, most of which have to do with actual greenbacks.

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    Too Many Secrets, love the “Sneakers” reference in the screen shot!

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