Facebook Messenger for iPhone Goes Global — Download It Now!



I’m sure you’ve already heard a lot about Facebook’s latest iPhone application, Facebook Messenger. However, unless you live in the U.S. or Canada, you’ve been unable to download it… until now! Facebook Messenger has gone global, and is now available to download from App Stores worldwide.

If you’re one of the few who haven’t already heard of it, Facebook Messenger is an official Facebook app that allows you to access your Facebook messages without having to go through the regular app. You can send messages, chat with friends who are online, and more:

• Send messages instantly to other friends who have Messenger • Chat with friends who are on Facebook • Get free push notifications for incoming messages • Reach friends via text message if they don’t have Messenger yet • Create group conversations for making plans on the go • Add more friends to group conversations at any time • Attach photos and location to messages • Control alert settings for each conversation

If you haven’t already downloaded it, go and grab it now from the App Store — it’s completely free!

[via AppAdvice]

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  • Brent Davis

    It’s not in the Australian app store yet? :(

  • Guest

    not available on the Spanish Store

  • theonlycog

    I still do not understand why they needed this split off as a separate App. 

  • Bull

    not in australian app store?

  • cxczc

    not available in sweden!

  • maique

    also not available in the portuguese store.

  • nass

    not available in saudi arabia

  • dbalieiro

    . Unless there is some limitation related to iPods, the App is not avaiable @ App Store Spain

  • dbalieiro

    usually to limit the number of users, to correct bugs and legal papers in some lands…

  • Barton Lynch

    i don’t know why this is needed in addition to the facebook messages

  • JustinGloeckl

    Not in germany

  • Ephimetheuss

    Yeah, doesnt Show up here in Germany As well.

  • mnm

    Not available in Japan too

  • beb

    by global, where do you mean? it is nowhere?

  • Be

    Not in Belgium

  • sajinseethi

    not available in India either !!!

  • Bla

    not in Germany… i read that they added only UK to US and Canada 

  • Zahid Mansor

    not so global!!! not in Malaysia yet! huh!!!

  • Wane Creasey

    Bell is from the U.K. What he means by global is actually just the U.K…

  • Steve Wagner

    It’s definitely not global.

  • Chris Camps

    Who would want it anyway? My Facebook chat is integrated in my ebuddy messenger, together with my msn, yahoo, etc etc.

    Why add yet another chat application?

  • philipengberg

    Not in Denmark dude!

  • imikec

    Tough crowd.

  • Bruno Gama

    not in Brazil, that is sad. my hopes to get rid from the whatsapp are gonne

  • kyerussell

    No it isn’t; not in Australia at least.  Nice false information.

  • Boyan:)

    available in the UK :) not sure what is the point of the app yet

  • angelrc

    not in Mexico nor in Sweden

  • Andrej Botos

    It’s still available only for US…

  • roy levy

    not in Israel also… :(

  • Sqewie

    Not in the dutch app store either.

  • Pepe

    Not even for iPhone. No availability whatsoever…

  • steve0hh

    not in singapore too..

  • Yancuic_pedromn

    isn’t in mexico but already exist cydia

  • AaronJones

    Not in Japan yet either. 

  • Juan Carlos Pelayo S

    Not in México!

  • Kit

    Not in hong kong yet

  • Facupuig

    Not in Argentina either!

  • Guest

    what kind of news is this? xD

  • jeetkl

    yeah its available now, i have used it but nothing new, just i could sms and can search easily. thats it.

  • Miksta

    Still not in Australian App Store…

  • Felixhoffmeyer

    Not available in Germany!