Bongiovi Acoustics Launches Souped-Up Sound App [Daily Freebie]

Bongiovi Acoustics Launches Souped-Up Sound App [Daily Freebie]

Tony Bongiovi (yes, if the name sounds oddly familiar, it’s because you’re probably thinking of his cousin, Jon Bon Jovi) should know a thing or two about sound, hopefully; he’s had a hand in producing albums from the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, and of course, his famous cousin.

His outfit’s new app, Bongiovi DPS,  brings their particular brand of sound alchemy — technology that involves optimizing the digital file for playback through the specific hardware you’re using — to iDevices in a Universal App. Bongiovi Acoustics launched something similar as a plugin for the Mac last year, and it’s the same technology found in some hardware, like the iHome iP1 we reviewed a few years back.

The free version of the app comes with just two earphone profiles (Apple buds with mic and without — and surprisingly, there’s a difference in the way the two profiles sound); a buck buys you the full version with a ton more profiles.

  • pangeomedia

    Bongiovi didn’t really produce Jimi Hendrix (who died in 1970). It was more like ‘reproduce’ Hendrix in 1975.

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • garymphoto

    I like it! Sounds great, and with no dongle like iWow requires. 

    I also like the interface a little more than the regular iTunes… seems like it will be easier to navigate.

    Just needs profiles for external speakers in addition to headphones. 

  • robgilgan

    Love this app, it really improves my Bose IE plugs. I bought the extra profiles. When the app downloads onto a second device, you have to purchase the extra profiles again. Also, won’t play DRM encoded music, which is a serious PITA. But it does make the buds sound better.

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