Nostalgia Trip: Exploded Mac 128K T-Shirt

Nostalgia Trip: Exploded Mac 128K T-Shirt

Following the trend that allows devoted folks to wear the innards of their favorite devices outwards, here’s an exploded  Mac 128K T-shirt.

After the exploded iPhone (steampunk and regular versions), the 25-year-old computer’s insides hark back to another era.

Nostalgia Trip: Exploded Mac 128K T-Shirt

The work of artist Garry Booth, the nostalgic tee costs $18, find it online here.

  • leathersporran

    The untucked shirt is the distraction like in a good magic trick. It makes you look somewhere else. We shouldn’t be looking at the shirt, we should be watching the person wearing the shirt, and knowing who they are and what they believe in.

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