AAPL Stock Is Now At An All-Time High

AAPL Stock Is Now At An All-Time High

Tomorrow’s earnings call should be an upbeat affair, if AAPL’s latest results are anything to go by: Apple’s stock just reached an all time high of $373 a share, up about 2.5%, and the company now has a market cap of just short of $350Bn. Wow.

[via 9to5]

  • Chris Brunner

    With all the recent buzz on the web, especially on Twitter, about Lion it’s really no surprise. Check out all of that drama from last weeks ‘supposed’ OS X 10.7 Lion launch!

    http://friendsofmac.net/2011/0… lion-1am-release-date-fom/

  • Travis

    Wish I was able to have bought more than 3 shares at $131 but regardless, this has increased the value of the old portfolio.  I still can’t see a reason to sell AAPL so I think I’ll just let it ride.

  • The-Tin Nguyen

    what website is this ? Could you send me the site please ?

  • Steve Reed

    I bought in at $13 a share. My $2,000 made $114,000.

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