More Apps Downloaded From Apple Than Music [Report]



For the first time in history, the App Store now serves more downloads than the iTunes music store. With Apple recently announcing its 15 billionth app download, it’s no secret that the App Store has seen phenomenal success.

The App Store outpacing music is quite the impressive accomplishment for Apple, especially when you consider that the App Store has only been around for three years.

Asymo reveals that more apps are downloaded than songs. While the App Store reached 15 billion downloads in just three years, it took nearly seven years for the iTunes music store to reach the same goal.

This news follows a recent analyst report that said Apple customers are downloading apps at triple the rate of song tracks.

Each month, there are about 31 million apps downloaded, while there are only an average of 12 million songs purchased on a monthly basis. If you include iBooks, Apple now delivers around 44 million downloads each month. That’s a lot of bandwidth. Good thing Apple has those fancy data centers.

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  • bplano

    More pirating for music than apps :\

  • Chris Brunner

    I use apps at least 10x more often than I use the iPod feature on my iP4. Plus, most of the apps I use the most are free (FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress, etc…).


  • aaron__b

    Can you explain to me how you can download an app from “music?” 

  • crateish

    I download infinitely more apps than music from iTunes. 90%+ of the time, I can buy CDs cheaper than their digital music. Either used or straight discounted online.

    Wish it wasn’t so. Especially with iCloud down the road.

  • huyett

    There are tens of thousands of free apps, not tens of thousands of free tunes (at least in iTunes…).  This kind of disparity should be expected.

  • imajoebob

    Fee Apps vs paid music.  No competitors vs hundreds (thousands?) of music sources.  3 years of archives vs 10 years.


  • baby_Twitty

    Please note: 15billion downloaded apps DO NOT EQUAL TO 15billion apps SOLD.
    A large portion of those apps are FREE APPS (or trial/lite version apps).

    While most of the musics downloaded from itunes are PAID musics/songs.

    Thus even with this Apple annoucement- reaching its 15 billionth downloaded app, they DIDN’T say that the appstore is making more actual money then from the itunes music store.

  • netnerd258

    One of the reasons could be the App Store is accessible all over the world, the music store is isn’t.