Those Part Numbers Are New MacBooks, Mac Minis — Not Mac Pros

Those Part Numbers Are New MacBooks, Mac Minis — Not Mac Pros

Originally thought to be for next-generation Mac Pros, part numbers leaked earlier this week now appear to be for Apple’s upcoming MacBook and Mac mini refresh — quashing rumors that the white MacBook will be laid to rest.

A source for 9to5 Mac has provided “some new information” which has helped clarify which machines these part number actually relate to.

“MC914LL/A – J59, BEST – USA” is said to be a new white MacBook, which is expected to boast Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors and the company’s high-speed Thunderbolt technology — features which were recently introduced to Apple’s MacBook Pro and iMac lineups.

Additionally, there are three part numbers that are associated with the Mac mini, according to 9to5 Mac. One of which is said to be a standard Mac mini, one a server model, and the third a build-to-order option:

MC936LL/A – J40, ULTIMATE – USA – Mac mini Server
MC815LL/A – J40I, BETTER – USA – Mac mini standard configuration
MC816LL/A – J40, BEST – USA Faster Mac mini (likely BTO)

The other part numbers, which are associated with MacBook Airs, are correct.

Despite this, an update to Apple’s Mac Pros is still expected to drop very soon. The high-end machine hasn’t been refreshed for over a year now, and recent speculation has suggested new 16-core machines will launch later this month or early next month.

  • appledrunk

    Either way, we get updated Macs and the new Mac Pros will be out very shortly.

  • joewaylo

    (unrelated) Do you suppose they’ll add Blu-Ray this time? :D
    I’d like to watch Blu-Ray on a Mac Mini 4th Gen.

  • prof_peabody

    They don’t even sound like Apple part numbers.  Apple almost never uses words like “ultimate,” and the words “best” and “ultimate” conflict grammatically.  There is also no “good” model to make the other one “better.” These are the kind of words and language constructions that teenagers use, not Apple.  

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    And pay Sony the fees for it? Not a chance. I wish they would, but let’s be honest, it’s not exactly essential. Still, would be nice.

  • David Rutan

    The terms are correct, it’s standard apple store lingo. Try calling up one of the stores and ask for a maxed out config of an existing product, and they’ll refer to it as the ultimate config.
    Most of the model numbers for products end with LL/A as well.

  • Bob Forsberg

    NOT going to happen.

  • jordanx5

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