Woman Offers iPad for Intro to Mr. Right

Woman Offers iPad for Intro to Mr. Right

Lots of people want iPads, right? Well Téa Smith, 32, wants to meet men. So if you introduce her to her future husband, she’ll hook you up with Apple’s magical device.

Smith, a self-described “guerilla marketing consultant,” from Perth, Australia first tweeted a half-joking offer for “an iPad or $500 to the person who sets me up with the person I marry. GO, power of social media.”

Realizing that she was her own best marketing experiment, she wrote about it online with a blog post titled “Introduce me to my soul mate, win an iPad.”

Smith, who is waiting for her divorce to become final, describes herself as “chubby but OK looking. “Hot” to some but I don’t believe it.” She’s on the lookout for someone who is over 5’10, likes the occasional glass of wine but isn’t a heavy drinker. And Bogans need not apply.

Exasperated by online dating, which she calls a “cesspool of sleaze,” Smith wanted to give people more incentive to make good introductions.

Even if you don’t intro her to Mr. Right, by retweeting or posting the article on Facebook you’ll be entered in a drawing to win an iPad if she meets The One through helping to spread the word. (Hashtag #ipadoflove is also making the rounds).

“I’m used to making a spectacle of myself online,” Smith told The West. “So I thought why not?”

This is probably the most creative violation of Apple’s rules for iPad giveaways we’ve seen to date.

Via The West

  • fernando


  • tealou

    Good God. 

  • fernando

    @tealou:disqus i already got a ipad, but for a 11″ mba i would go for it.

  • Sinator

    I want an iPad!!!
    I’ll marry you!

  • joewaylo

    <~ Offers iPad2 for intro to Mrs. Right

  • tealou

    hahahaha Fernando :)

  • tealou

    Hi all,

    Now that the silliness is over, just wanted to pop in and say thanks for sharing the article. It was good fun :) Thanks for picking up the story. Now I can go back to obscurity and finish my book. LOL

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