How Apple’s iOS Will Conquer the World

How Apple’s iOS Will Conquer the World

Apple’s iOS is more profitable than Microsoft Windows. It has enabled Apple to sell more smartphone handsets than Nokia. And the tablet that runs iOS is responsible for 100% of the web traffic generated by tablets in Japan.

The iOS is already successful beyond all the predictions. But what’s really fascinating is that the platform is just barely getting started. The iOS is increasingly dominating mobile computing, just as mobile computing is taking over mainstream computing.

Here’s how Apple’s iOS will take over the world.

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  • Appleinfoexpert

    The iPhone is beautiful and the os is more beautiful. 

  • jmaaan

    A lot of wishful thinking. IOS will stay relevant but it wont be the lone survivor if that is what u think.  It may be more profitable than windows but it has yet to acheive the sheer volume of windows.

  • TheNewReign

    I think the idea is where it is headed. Every quarter Apple is selling more and more iOS devices. Every quarter mobile devices become a bigger and bigger piece of the computing pie.

    Microsoft’s lock is Windows and Office. Apple’s lock is iTunes and now iCloud. Each iOS device sold is either going to be added as a device to an existing iTunes/iCloud account or they are going to turn on their device and instantly sign up.

    Apple’s lock is going to have a far further reach than Microsoft’s ever had.

  • Guest

    Nokia is still the #1 smartphone manufacture. There has been articles after articles saying that Apple will sell more phones than Nokia, but the numbers still show Nokia is in the #1 position.

    How is iOS success around the corner, when articles after articles predict that by 2015, Android and Windows will be in the #1 and #2 smartphone slots? Its also, expected that the iPad can only hold on the tablet domination until 2015. Currently, phone wise Android is the #1 smartphone OS. Its predicted by August that Android will have more applications that iOS. iOS is at its peak success right now. By 2015 most likely will be in 3rd place behind Microsoft and Google in smartphone market share.

  • Jay Floyd

    ‘Mobile Computing’ as rendered by iOS devices just doesn’t work for me.  It’s only good for the most casual of tasks.  I don’t even like surfing the web on my iPad.

    I really can’t believe that it is ‘the future of computing’.  It is to computing what Doritos are to a four course meal.

    I have a friend who recently went on a business trip and wanted to buy an iPad to take instead of her laptop.  I let her take mine instead.  I was not surprised when she returned to hear her say, “Nope.  I’d rather travel with a laptop.”

  • iosappfinder

    iOS will be the lone survivor you wait and see

  • prof_peabody

    For someone who clearly *didn’t* read the article, *didn’t* bother to look up any of the facts, has very little knowledge of the industry and doesn’t even know how to write a proper sentence … 

    …. you sure write a lot.  

    However, none of it makes much sense and pretty much all of your facts are completely wrong.

  • prof_peabody

    iOS will definitely be the “standard” mobile OS that everyone will aspire towards, just as they do now.  It will also quite clearly be the most profitable by an absolutely huge amount.  

    I think it likely it will dominate sales wise as well, but it would probably be better if it didn’t.

  • Guest

    The point of an article to is inform the reader. It should show what its talking about and tell exactly what its talking about.

    Where does it say that Apple passed Nokia in sells? I have not seen an article that said that happened yet. I have read plenty of articles expecting that Apple will pass Nokia in smartphone sells. If you can find me where it shows Apple has sold more smartphones than Nokia, I will be more than happy to look at it.

    Here are some statistics that show that those facts are right.

    Android and Microsoft being #1 and #2 spots in 2015
    Nokia in #1 position

  • Wes

    Very well written article. Bravo

  • Guest

    I don’t think so. Because if this is the case, Apple aspires to Microsoft And Google. Look at iOS 5. There are tons of features that Microsoft Phone 7 and Android have. Again, iOS 4 apparently has several features that were taken from android.

    But I don’t think that there is one standard mobile OS everyone aspires too. everybody copies stuff from everybody. Its a cycle really.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I read this article about how successful and profitable iOS is and yet Wall Street insists that iOS is nothing compared to Android and that Android will conquer the mobile world.  In fact, they claim that WP7 will have greater market share than iOS in 2015.  It’s a rather bold prediction but supposedly Wall Street assumes that iOS will be an also ran for reasons of small market share.  This is despite the fact that the Chinese seem to like iOS devices and Apple should be making a very large push into China next year.

    Reading the future is a tough call and only time will tell.  At this point iOS is taking the lion’s share of profits and that will help Apple to boost production that much faster.  Hopefully, Apple will prove that iOS has legs for a few more years to disprove Wall Street’s theory that iOS is failing miserably.  I can’t wait to see how well users take to Apple’s cloud services to keep all their iOS devices in sync.  That should really lock in users to buy more iOS devices.  That sounds like a sweet deal to me.

  • Ross Freeman

    If you’re such an Android fan and hate iOS so much, then why did you even bother looking at an all Apple based website? And if you enjoy your beloved Android so much, why did you feel it was necessary to bash another product so much?

  • Guest

    There are some good articles on this website. This website is an apple based website, not an iOS based website. Where is the bashing? nowhere am I bashing apple products. What I have stated are facts and predictions of what most likely will happen. And those are not my predictions, I have attached links above and if thats not enough evidence for you, you can always google it to find even more.

  • Iscin

    “The iOS”

    Grammar fail!

  • Chris Brunner

    Hasn’t it already done that?


  • Julius Pap ?

    all you reply with is some bull**** every android fanboy says “IOS COPIED THIS FROM THAT” the truth is we do not care as much as you…..  as for you trolling on a apple news website, the main news on this website is iOS news for people who have and are keen on “iOS”

  • Guest

    Where is this bullshit reply that I said? the one dealing with every android fanboy says “iOS copied this from that”? Please show me how am I trolling. As I stated before, what I’m showing is not my views and opinions. These are facts and other people predictions.

    Are you saying that this website is only for iOS lovers and nobody else? Last I checked, this is a site for mac users as well. hence the name, cult of mac. This website has OS X related articles as well. if it was cult of iOS, that will be a different story. What appears is going on is that if it is not pro-apple related things (facts and predictions) its automatically trolling. How can you become better educated and informed, if you just want to only hear the stuff you agree with? To be the best informed and educated you possibly can, you need to hear the information you don’t agree with. You cannot make a well informed/educated decision if you only want to listen to the information you like. If you only listen to the information you agree with, you will be extremely misinformed, because you’re letting your bias have complete control on what information you want to hear or not to hear.

    I spend hours a day reading technology related news. I read apple news, I read android news, I read Microsoft news. Basically if its technology related, somehow, I’m reading it. I do not just read news with I agree. To tell you the truth, I love reading stuff I disagree with. Why? Because I love to see how they got to their conclusion. What facts are they supporting their conclusion? Where are they getting the facts from their conclusion? And to let you know, I like google’s litte android figurine and their nexus phone. But I also like windows, webOS, rim, MeeGo, iOS and Symbian powered phones. The same with tablets and computers. (desktops and laptops)

    Inform yourself, educate yourself! read the stuff you don’t agree and look it up. I will tell you that you’ll be doing a favor for yourself.

    I thought webOS was one of the worst OSes out there, for the longest time. Why? Because I was letting people decide that for me. What changed it? I decided to watch HP unveiling of webOS. After I watched it, I was floored. I had no idea that webOS was capable of that because I was reading articles after articles (and comments) that was saying that webOS was like the worst thing out there. Now? I think its one of the best mobile OSes out there. Its easily as good as iOS.

    The point being, educate and inform yourself properly. You might surprise yourself!

  • lb51

    I believe you are confusing Wall Street with a market research firm. Try again with the appropriate company responsible for their projection.

  • lb51

    I suggest you read the articles again and comprehend what you read. Growth rate is not the same as existing share. Projections are just that, projections; not the facts. If and when projections become fact, then kudos for that data milestone. But, please read the articles again till you fully understand what you are reading.

  • lb51

    You receive objections because you wish to argue for the sake of arguing. Try to discuss the apparent and avoid red herring tactics to your satisfaction. You may receive better responses and better participation.

  • Guest

    I understand what I’m reading. I know what growth rate is, existing share is, and what are projections.
    Please tell me specifically what you say I that I don’t get. Because sell wise, Nokia is #1 and Apple is #2 in smartphone sales. Growth rate wise, Samsung is #1, HTC is #2 and Apple is #3.

  • Julius Pap ?

    “Its easily as good as iOS.” typical android fanboy

  • Robert Norris Hills

    What do you mean by that shit….its loosing market share every day to android…..

  • Chris Brunner

    Well said, and each new iPhone is better than the last. (ignore Antenna Gate). lol


  • Chris Brunner

    The Windows 7 phone OS is a distant 3rd to iOS and Android. Let’s compare Apples to Apples here. (pun intended).


  • Chris Brunner

    Just keep in mind what came first… iOS!


  • Chris Brunner

    Name any single handset that has sold more than ANY iPhone model. #imjustsayin


  • Lovenokia

    Well, “conquer” is a big word.

    World is also big, maybe Apple should study  world map well before decide to “conquer” the the world.

  • Guest

    “Its easily as good as iOS.” typical android fanboy. For that to be true, I would have to be talking about Android. Right? “It’s (Android is) easily as good as iOS” is a typical android fanboy response. If you looked what context I was using in, you will find out I was talking about webOS, not android. Also, nowhere do I say Android is easily as good as iOS. The only thing I said was, “(webOS) is easily as good as iOS”. That is not a android fanboy response.

    So, next time, please make sure you understand fully what you are reading and make sure what you are typing makes sense to what is being said. Or otherwise you will look like you’re trolling.

    And to you sir, have a great day. :)

  • Guest

    People say that my facts are wrong, that I need understand what I’m reading, say I’m spreading bullshit and trolling, yet nobody has yet to show how my facts are wrong, my misunderstanding of things, what bullshit I’m spreading and show how I’m trolling. If people want to state those things they need to back it up. If there is wrong information (facts) show the correct stuff. If I’m spreading bullshit, show me what it is. Show what you classify as trolling, etc. If you don’t support what your are saying (claiming in this case) with facts and examples or what ever else it may be, it’s just be a bunch of hot air and only that.

    I’m done.
    Lets reexamine what this article say on iOS in 5 years and determine if this article was correct or not.

    Agree to that?

  • lb51

    Who cares if iOS loses wins. There are far better things to concentrate energy on than this stuff. It is only technology. Before you target your assumptions, ask why do you need to do so.

    Companies come and go, technology comes and go, you and the rest us us will come and go. Life is short, put your efforts where you can make a positive change. Your hate and anger is expressed in your argumentative style that you are losing focus on yourself and wasting your time with arguing a case that only insecure people care about.

  • Allen Williams

    Over my dead body. Apple is evil and itunes is the worst program ever. Zune is a million times better than itunes in every way. windows phone competes well with ios4 in the important ways. The mango update should compete well with ios5 in every way.

  • Shameer Mulji

    I highly doubt that.  Windows Phone 7 and later on Windows Phone 8 have the capability from an entire ecosystem perspective to challenge iOS.  Counting MS out is foolhardy.  They’re back in a big way.  If Apple’s not careful it could be Mac vs PC all over again.

    The mobile sector is far from being won.  It’s just getting started.

  • Gimpymw

    What’s a Zune????

  • JFH_Engadget

    Mike stop lying, Apple has never sold more smartphones in a single quarter so far. Never. 

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