The Infinite Loop Is An iPad Dock Even Jonny Ive Could Love

The Infinite Loop Is An iPad Dock Even Jonny Ive Could Love

This squiggle of silicon caulk might look like the laziest Kickstarter project ever, but it’s actually deceptively clever. Meet the Infinite Loop. Not only is it a great name, but it’s an iPad and iPhone stand that can easily be reshaped into any form that might be called for.

My good friend Biggs says notes that the Infinite Loop is like a Gorilla Pod without the little balls. Either way, we think this is adorable right down to the way it rolls up into a little whorl of vanilla taffy when not being used.

As the Infinite Loop guys themselves smartly note, the more versatile something is, the simpler the form ends up being. Wisdom worth of Ive.

The iPad version of the Infinite Loop will cost you a pledge of $35, while the Mini Loop for iPhone only goes for $19.99. $75 gets you both in black.

  • opfan13

    Nice idea, obvious tie-in to Apple’s HQ, and great logo.  Well done!

  • bd7349

    Wow, that looks great! His presentation was also very Apple-like, which I like. 

  • Chris Brunner

    I love my BookArc for iPad! I removed the rubber liner and it works perfectly with aftermarket protection skins.


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