FCC Leaks Apple’s New AirPort Extreme — Release Imminent?

FCC Leaks Apple’s New AirPort Extreme — Release Imminent?

A newly published FCC filing prematurely confirms the release of Apple’s new AirPort Extreme wireless base station, indicating the launch of the device could be just hours away.

Engadget points to the FCC filing which quotes a model number of A1408. Though any other details on the new device are sparse at this point, Arnold Kim of MacRumors notes that its launch should be imminent.

In a message posted to Twitter, Kim wrote:

the new airport extreme and time capsule must be arriving in 2-3 hours. this fcc documents usually hit on day of release.

While an FCC filing for an updated Time Capsule remains to be seen, this device is also due a refresh and is expected to feature in 2TB and 3TB capacities. Engadget speculates the AirPort Extreme will be cheaper and will support the new three-stream standard for 450Mbps over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

Apple’s online store is currently still live, so don’t get too excited for a launch today just yet. However, as soon as it goes down we’ll let you know.

  • dude

    Well check out the spec page of the time capsule

  • dude
  • Daniel Hertlein

    Nice catch. 

  • Simon

    New Time Capsule is here. http://www.apple.com/timecapsu… 3TB

  • Mystakill

    I’ve never understood why the entire store needs to be taken down to post a new product.  Web sites are generally update-able on-the-fly either with real-time database updates or by adding new static pages and new/updated links.

  • Luciano

    The “Buy” button in the Aiport Extreme is already down…. 

  • Rileybdarby

    They probably need it just to be able to check around and see if anything else needs to be fixed. Broken links, etc. 

  • Support 18inc

    So, is it or isn’t it out yet? Is that all they did, bump up the storage amounts. Wheres a dude go to get a cheap 1TB time capsule now? I really don’t need 3TB for a MacBook Pro with a 320GB HD that’s a year old and has less than 200GB used up. C’mon Apple…post the cheap ones!

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