The Freelance Mac App Bundle Is Full Of CoM Essentials

The Freelance Mac App Bundle Is Full Of CoM Essentials

Every day, there’s another app bundle, and sometimes it seems like each is more forgettable than the last. Code Canyon’s Freelance Mac App Bundle is a wonderful exception: it’s the first app bundle we’ve seen in ages worth getting excited about.

For just $49.95, you get over $300 in apps… and what apps they are. Out of the eight apps on offer, five I would consider absolutely indispensable. In fact, most of these we’ve already listed in our 50 Mac Essentials series.

1Password — Just the safe, secure password manager.

TextExpander — A typing shortcut utility that can not only autocorrect common mistakes, but even allows for some extremely smart formatting of text snippets (for example, a text snipper that automatically expands to a link of the text copied to the clipboard).

WriteRoom — The original and, for my money, best of the distraction free word processors.

Radium — This Internet radio player (complete with Sirius and XM compatibility) has been an indispensable addition to my Menu Bar since Giles first reviewed it.

• Alarms — A wonderfully intuitive and OS X like task manager that I absolutely adore.

I’m less familiar with the last three apps in the bundle, LittleSnapper, Billings and Arq, but if they’re a shine on even the worst of the aforementioned apps, this might be the best app bundle I’ve ever seen. Check it out!

  • prof_peabody

    I don’t understand bundles anymore.  The developer seems to be losing about 60-80% of the retail value of their work and for what?  Higher volume of sales and a bit of advertising. 

    How to get *better* advertising, and an even *higher* sales volume but only loose 30%? 
    The Mac App store.  

    Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems a no-brainer to me that these little apps would all be better off in the App store.  

  • auramac

    I was hoping to be more excited about the apps and the bundle… Guess I’ll pass.

  • brownlee

    And allow Apple to have an even tighter reign on what you can do with your application, of course. But I don’t see this as being an either/or proposition: bottom line is that software is an infinite good, and you’re not “losing” anything to sell it for cheaper in a bundle in exchange for higher visibility for a few days.

  • Declan

    Oh Christ I just bought 1Password yesterday

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