This Is What Happens When A Bug Lands On A Touchscreen

This Is What Happens When A Bug Lands On A Touchscreen

We’ve all seen the video of Chloe the cute Corgi dog playing with an iPad, but if you haven’t then you need to check it out. I thought it was cool that a cute cuddly dog could enjoy using the iPad touchscreen just as much as I do.

Now the insects of the world want to join the touchscreen party.

This is what happens when a bug lands on a computer with a touchscreen according to YouTube user Calquon:

Creepy huh? I guess the next thing they’ll want to do is share your iPod headphones. Ewwww. Will someone please grab a fly swatter!

Anyhow although I found the bug video very interesting I think I like the cute little dog that I mentioned earlier better. If you haven’t seen her here she is playing with the original iPad and the iPad 2:


iPad 2

I don’t know about you, but I just thought of a new way to explore nature. Now I’m might need to go  look for a bug, frog, Gecko, or other critter to test my iPad touchscreen with.

Please share any other crazy, fun, or odd touchscreen experiments or incidents that you’ve seen by leaving a comment.

  • Chris Wong

    You just got both iPads the same video. Fix that :)

  • Austin Schoepflin

    Haha Chloe is the best

  • Dorje Sylas

    Funny how Chloe immidetly starts barking when she spots the iPad 1, even in a video, on different iPad. She really hates that thing :D. Who says dogs don’t have good memories?

  • Kelvin Smith

    Is the computer screen capacitive or resistive? They work differently. 

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